2020 was truly a challenging year for everyone as the pandemic forced many businesses and industries to completely change how they operate. Although necessary, the sudden change meant many businesses could not survive long term and the fitness industry was no exception. I remember walking by a personal training studio that had its employees emptying out and loading equipments on to a semi truck. I knew that was the last shift for most if not all of them, and as a personal trainer, I felt as though I’ve lost my job.

If we did learn anything from this pandemic, it should be that training at a clean, safe environment is not a luxury but a necessity. This is and should always be one clear advantage of training at local studios over large big box gyms because membership is restricted to personal training clients only.

My vision of this website is to provide a platform for independent trainers to connect with as many potential clients as possible. Once registered, a member has access to all the independent trainers which includes an interactive map showing their locations. I believe having more trainers to choose from makes the prospect of hiring one less challenging and doing so from home makes it less intimidating.

Last but not least, I believe having a platform to share contents not only serves as a source of motivation for clients but also a learning opportunity for trainers. I want Trainerslinked to be a dedicated community of like-minded trainers because a trainer once told me, “We all have the same goal at the end of the day; we are here to help people make healthier life choices”.

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